National Summit on SDGs (Punjab Episode)

National Summit on SDGs (Punjab Episode)

This NSP-SDGs will one day program designed in such a way to accommodate all SDGs and stakeholders.


Sustainable Development Goals have now become the proven tools for rapid development as a Global best Practices especially for Grass Root Communities. These 17 Goals have been designed with the sole objective of Integrating Diversified Domains in a way that jointly together these goals become a Unified force for engaging all under a structure road map for a rapid development using Emerging Technologies.


National Summit on SDGs will be a historical event to discuss issues from a high-level political perspective, including the ministerial forum, experts’ opinion, youth perspective, industry research, academia contribution and so on to take unprecedented steps towards this much-needed structural reforms with the national spheres in a global context.

Different players from the civil society in these high-level Summits will focus on Linking the Global Goals and key recommendations of action moving forward. These Summits will also be important:

  • To identify the issue and concerns of the socially excluded groups
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Thematic Sessions

SDGs For Good Governance (SDG-16)

Cyber Security for SDG's (SDG-4)

Climate Change Challenges / Life on Land (SDG-13/15)

Entrepreneurship, Smart Homes (SDG-9 & 11)