Former Additional Director General FIA and currently leading number of national and international initiations, is aiming to fill the gaps through his flagship project Digital Pakistan in Pakistan with the use of latest technologies.

Currently, Mr. Jaffri is leading SDGs Academy (Pvt.) Ltd., of Pakistan and has a deep knowledge, experience and network of national and international organizations especially in the use of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and Cloud Computing for rapid development in Pakistan. Mr. Jaffri, having vast experience in cyber security field, is also leading number of projects dealing with cyber security and proactive behavior-based incident response in cyber emergencies. Having worked as a civil servant, Mr. Jaffri is fully familiarized with how government machinery and institutions work. He proudly represents Pakistan at global and national forums and currently leading several initiatives encompassing thematic areas like emerging technologies, SDGs, cyber security, and development economics. His accomplishments and success can be realized by knowing the fact that hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and professionals are serving on the ground and converting his ideas/ vision into reality.