Pakistan’s First Ever National Dialogues on SDGs

Pakistan’s First Ever National Dialogues on SDGs

Driven by a desire to mobilize national efforts to effectively brought SDGs life in every sector of Pakistan.


Sustainable Development Goals have now become the proven tools for rapid development as a Global best Practices especially for Grass Root Communities. SDGs use multisector and multidimensional approach to encourage out of the box strategic thinking with the involvement of all the stakeholders, build a common understanding by assessing the changing circumstances, to exchange ideas and views through the engagement of all the actors and stakeholders. They are also an important tool to explore new possibilities, evaluate strategic alternatives and assess potential risks.


National Summit on SDGs will be a historical event to discuss issues from a high-level political perspective, including the ministerial forum, experts’ opinion, youth perspective, industry research, academia contribution and so on to take unprecedented steps towards this much-needed structural reforms with the national spheres in a global context.

Different players from the civil society in these high-level Summits will focus on Linking the Global Goals and key recommendations of action moving forward.
These Summits will also be important:

  • To analyze the existing approaches and identify and replicate the best practices.
  • To draw recommendations and policy intervention.
  • To strengthen the voices of youth, marginalized, and common man.

Opening Ceremony Of Pakistan First Ever National Dialogues on SDGs

Thematic Sessions Day One

Education SDG-4

Environment & Tourism SDG 12, 14 & 15

Emerging Technologies SDG 9

Energy SDG 7 & 12

Thematic Sessions Day Two

Human Security

Water and Sanitation